The emergent neighbourhood

This is a 7 ~ 9 month final year project done with Dr. Patrick Janssen. This design project looks into the area of public housing in Singapore.The objective of the project is to develop a neighbourhood that is of unique character of its own and at the same time fullfill the density requirement. The idea of emergent was proposed to create a neighbourhood of unique character. By encouraging user participation through the use of internet forums it was hope that each individual family will be able to design their own units and only be governed by rules set-up by the architect. This approach will allow for freedom of expression while at the same time ensure a certain degree of fairness among the neighbours. Thus, through this exercise a collective of individuality will constitute to a unique character of the neighbourhood.

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The design of naturally ventilated atrium space using multi-zone airflow simulation: The architectural implication on the schematic stage of the design process

This is a 3~4 months dissertation research under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Janssen. It investigates the use of air flow simulation in the design of a naturally ventilated atrium space.
There are two main airflow simulation models to supplement the prediction of natural ventilation design, Multi-zone method and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The Multi-Zone method is a bulk airflow simulation that is able to give a year round performance report of natural ventilation, while CFD is a more precise and detailed airflow model that can only produce snapshot simulation results for a period of a few hours.

This dissertation will study the integration of Multi-Zone method in the architectural schematic design stage.The hypothesis explored by this
research is that, in the design of a naturally ventilated atrium space, Multi-Zone method provides sufficient results and feedback for architectural design decision in the schematic stage. This research will conclude with a design experiment to investigate the hypothesis put forth.

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Johor Bahru Transport Sentral (TOD)

This is a studio project done with Dr. Nirmal Kishnani. This project tried to integrate  passive design strategies into the architecture.The project attempted to do so by  the use of  “Green Towers” to provide ventilation, daylighting and rainwater disposal for the interchange station. The architecture language followed through to the urban intervention and act as structural column, circulation and programmatic spaces.

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Sustainable Dance Club @ Duxton Hill

This studio project is done with Kelvin Kan (facade specialist). This project looks into how a facade need not be just a vertical plane, but also comprise of the floors, ceilings and roofs. The strips were introduced into the design to suggest a spatial fluidity, thus letting the facade flow throughout the building.

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The Solar Canopy

This is a studio project done with Dr. Stephen Wittkopft. The studio explores the ways in applying Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) into architecture.

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